AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A1 - Mathematics
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Patterns and Classifications

1Patterns and Classification
2Number Patterns (WIZ Math)
4Special Patterns
5Patterns of Pictures

Topic 2. Numbers and Number Sense

1Number Sequences
2Numbers from 1 to 10
3Counting One More Using Pictures
4Counting Forward (One More) (WIZ Math)
5Counting Backward (One Less) (WIZ Math)
6Number of Things in Order
7Tens and Ones
8Place Value - 3 Digits (WIZ Math)
9Counting by 10 (WIZ Math)
10Counting by 5s (WIZ Math)
11Words to Numbers Up to 100 (WIZ Math)
12Numbers in Words - Up to 100 (WIZ Math)
13Odd and Even
14Even or Odd - Answer E or O
15Even or Odd Using Pictures
16Twelve is a Dozen
17Greater Than and Less Than Using Pictures
18Greater Than Comparisons - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
19Less Than Comparisons - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
20Before and After
21Compare Two Single Digit Numbers (WIZ Math)
22Bar Graphs (Bar Charts)
23Fractions - Without Simplification (WIZ Math)
24Identifying Fractions
25Numbers and Number Sense - Review Test

Topic 3. Computation

1Addition - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
2Addition Facts - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
3Subtraction - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
4Subtraction Facts - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
5Practice Addition Using Pictures
6Practice Subtraction Using Pictures
7Missing Operand
8Addition Facts with the Same Sum
9Things to Know About Addition
10Adding Three Numbers
11Comparing Differences and Sums
13Doubles and Halves
14Doubles Plus One
15Find the Mystery Number (Single Digits) (WIZ Math)
16Addition and Subtraction Story Problems
17Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
18Hundred Table
19Puzzle Pictures
20Counting 100s 10s and 1s with Pictures
21Addition - Double Digit (WIZ Math)
22Subtraction - Double Digit (WIZ Math)
23Addition - 3 Digits (WIZ Math)
24Subtraction - 3 Digits (WIZ Math)
25Computation Review Test

Topic 4. Money

1Money Combinations Using Pictures
2Money Basics
3Counting Coins
4Money Story Problems
5Money Counting (WIZ Math)

Topic 5. Geometry

1Name the Shapes
3Flat Shapes (2 Dimensional)
4Solid Shapes (3 Dimensional)

Topic 6. Measurement

1Calendar - Months and Days
2Calendar Time
3Time, Money, and Estimating
4Clocks - Telling Time to Hours (WIZ Math)
5Clocks Word Problems
6Clocks - Telling Time to Half-Hours (WIZ Math)
7Money, Geometry, and Measurement Review Test

Topic 7. Review Test

1Final Review Test