AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A1 - English Language
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Phonics and Word Analysis

1Letter Recognition: a-m
2Letter Recognition: n-z
5Vowels (Short Vowel Sounds)
6Vowels (Long Vowel Sounds)
7Short and Long Vowels
8Short and Long Vowels - 2
9r-Controlled Vowels
10Using ai and ay
11Understanding ee, ea, and ie
12Silent E
13Beginning Consonants
14Ending Consonants
15Consonant Blends
16Understanding Words with s Blends
17Using Words with r Blends
18Identifying Words with l Blends
19Phonics Word Study
21Review Test - Phonics and Word Analysis - Level 1

Topic 2. Vocabulary

1Word A Day
2Animal Pictures
3Color Names
4Animal Names
5Food Names
6Number Words
7Action Words
8Weather Words
9Garden Words
10Clothing Words
11People Words
12Rainbow Colors
13Day and Night Words
15Similarities: Synonyms
16Opposites: Antonyms
17Similar Words
20Compound Words
21Compound Words - Pictures
22Rhyming Words
23Rhyming Words - 2
24Rhyming Words - 3
25Order the Words Alphabetically
26Find the Correct Word
27Vocabulary 1
28Vocabulary 2
29Vocabulary 3
30Vocabulary 4
31Choose the Correct Spelling
32Spelling Number Words
33Spelling Color Words
34Spelling Words
35Spelling Words - 2
36Multiple Choice Spelling
37Review Test - Spelling and Vocabulary - Level 1

Topic 3. Grammar

2Punctuation Marks
3Parts Of Speech
4Find the Nouns
5Find the Nouns - 2
6Pronouns - Find the Pronouns
7Find the Verbs
8Find the Verbs - 2
9Adjectives - Words That Describe
10Sequencing: Comparative Adjectives
11Word Order
12Have or Has
13Is or Are
14Is It a Sentence?
15Complete or Incomplete
16Statements and Questions
17Asking and Telling Sentences
18Asking and Telling Sentences - 2
19Write the Correct Sentence
20Find the Correct Word in the Sentence
21Choose the Correct Word in the Sentence
22Choose the Correct Word in the Sentence- 2
23Review Test - Grammar - Level 1

Topic 4. Reading and Comprehension

1Read and Summarize a Book
2Picture Clues
3Picture Comprehension
4Language Comprehension and Response
5Classifying - Things That Are Different
6Classifying - Things That Belong Together
7Comprehension - Non-fiction
8Comprehension - Fiction
9Comprehension - Poetry
10Story: The Three Little Pigs
11Story: The Thirsty Crow
12Poem: Down By The Bay
13Poem: A Good Play
14Poem: The Swing
15Solar System - Introduction
16Making Inferences: Feelings
17Riddles - Name the Object
19Childhood of Columbus
20Review Test - Reading Comprehension Level 1

Topic 5. Writing

1Writing Practice: Upper Case 'ABCD'
2Writing Practice: Upper Case 'EFGH'
3Writing Practice - Upper Case 'IJKL'
4Writing Practice - Upper Case 'MNOP'
5Writing Practice - Upper Case 'QRST'
6Writing Practice - Upper Case 'UVW'
7Writing Practice - Upper Case 'XYZ'
8Writing Practice - Lower Case 'abcdef'
9Writing Practice - Lower Case 'ghijkl'
10Writing Practice - Lower Case 'mnopq'
11Writing Practice - Lower Case 'rstuv'
12Writing Practice - Lower Case 'wxyz'
13Writing Practice - Numbers 0 to 9
14Picture Clue Writing
15Building Sentences
16Blank Ruled Sheet for Writing Practice
17Review Test - Writing - Level 1

Topic 6. Other Topics & Review Tests

1Practice Test 1
2Practice Test 2
3Practice Test 3
4Practice Test 4
5Practice Test 5
6Review Test - Grade 1 ELA