AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A2 - English Language
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Phonics and Word Analysis

1Short Vowels
2Short Vowels - Pictures
3Long Vowels - Pictures
4Vowels: Short a Words
5Vowels: Long a Words
6Vowels: Long o Words
7Vowels: Short o Words
8Vowels: Short e Words
9Vowels: Long e Words
10Vowels: Short i Words
11Vowels: Long i Words
12Vowels: Short u Words
13Vowels: Long u Words
14Super Silent e
15Silent Letters
16Vowel: Y as a Vowel
17Double Vowel Words
18Vowel Teams: ea
19Vowel Teams: ie, ei
20Vowel Teams: oi, oy, ou, ow
21Vowel Teams: ai, ee
22R-Controlled Vowels
23Beginning Consonants
24Ending Consonants
25Consonant Blends
26Consonant Teams
27Hard and Soft C
28Hard and Soft G
31Review Test - Phonics and Word Analysis - Level 2

Topic 2. Words - Spelling and Vocabulary

1Word A Day
2Alphabetical Order
3ABC Order
4Words: Number Words
5Words: Animal Words
6Words: Family Words
7Words: Location Words
8Words: Action Words
9Words: Time Words
10Words: Rhyming Words
11Similarities: Synonyms
12Synonyms Using Pictures
13Opposites: Antonyms
14Antonyms Using Pictures
15Opposites: Antonyms - 2
16Opposites: Antonyms - 3
18Homophones - 2
19Compound Words
20Compound Words - 2
21adding es, ing, ed
22Drop 'e' and add 'ing'
23'er' and 'est'
26Unscramble the Sports Words
27Unscramble the Food Words
28Unscramble the Weather Words
29Unscramble the Number Words 1-10
30Unscramble the Number Words 11-20
31Unscramble the Color Words
32Unscramble the Words
33Unscramble the Words - 2
34Unscramble the Words - 3
35Rhyme Time
36Challenging Words
37Review Test - Spelling and Vocabulary - Level 2

Topic 3. Grammar

1Punctuation ? or . or !
2Punctuation and Capitalization
3Punctuation Endings
4Parts of Speech
5Nouns - Find the Nouns
6Nouns: Singular and Plural
7Nouns and Subjects
8Nouns and Predicates
10Nouns: Type of Nouns - Proper Nouns & Common Nouns
11Pronouns - Types
13Adjectives - 2
14Adjectives - 3
15Types of Adjectives
16Nouns and Verbs
17Verbs - 1
18Verbs - 2
19Verb Tense
20Verbs - Past Tense
21Verb Forms - 1
22Verb Forms - 2
26Sentences - Types of Sentences
27Exclamatory Sentences
28Interrogative Sentences
29Imperative Sentences
30Sentence - Subject and Predicate
31Sentence - Subjects
32Sentence - Predicates
33Compound Subjects and Predicates
34Sentence - Compound Subjects
35Sentence - Compound Predicates
36Review Test - Grammar - Level 2

Topic 4. Reading and Comprehension

1Read and Summarize a Book
2Elements of Reading Comprehension
4Fact and Opinion
6Fiction and Nonfiction
7Comprehension - Fiction
8Story: The Ants And The Cricket
9Story: The Fox and the Crow
10Comprehension - The Hare and the Tortoise
11Story: The Man and the Coconuts
12Story: Chico And The Crane
13Comprehension: Non-fiction
14The Olympic Games
15The Spanish Conquerors
16Recalling Details
17Reading for Details
18Following Directions
19Sequencing: Making Frozen Fruit Pops
20Sequencing: Follow a Recipe
21Sequencing: Play a Game
22Tracking: Using a Map
23Same/Different: Venn Diagram
25Classifying: Word Groups
27Making Inferences
28Cause and Effect
29Science - An Introduction
30Review Test - Reading Comprehension Level 2

Topic 5. Writing

1Letter Writing
2Writing a Story - Look Before You Leap
3Writing a Story - Practice Makes Perfect
4Review Test - Writing Level 3
5Ruled Blank Sheet for Writing Practice
6Writing Practice - Numbers 0 to 9
7Writing Practice - Lower Case 'n to z'
8Writing Practice - Lower Case 'a to m'
9Writing Practice - Upper Case T to Z
10Writing Practice - Upper Case K to S
11Writing Practice - Upper Case A to J
12Review Test - Writing Level 2

Topic 6. Other Topics & Review Tests

1Practice Test 4
2Practice Test 6
3Practice Test 1
4Practice Test 2
5Practice Test 3
6Practice Test 5
7Spanish - Numbers to 10
8Spanish - Numbers 11 - 20
10Riddles - Go Green
11Review Test - Grade 2 ELA