AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A3 - English Language
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Words - Spelling and Vocabulary

1Word A Day
3Synonyms - 2
4Synonyms - 3
5Alternative Words
7Antonyms - 2
10Homophones - 2
11Homonyms Using Pictures
13Classification - 2
14Context Clues
15Concept Words
16Sensory Words
18Plurals - 2
19Plurals - 3
20Plurals - 4
21Plurals - Irregular
23Suffix - Adding 'ing'
24Suffix - Adding 'ful'
25Suffix - Adding 'ed'
26Suffix - Adding 'less' or 'ness'
27Suffix - Adding 'ly'
28Suffix for Words With Last Syllable 'y'
30Prefixes - 2
31Prefix or Suffix
32Prefix or Suffix - 2
33Root and Base Words
34Root and Base Words - 2
35Root and Base Words - 3
36Compound Words
37Compound Words - 2
39Review Test - Spelling and Vocabulary - Level 3

Topic 2. Grammar

1Capitalization Review
3Capitalization: Sentences, People, and Pets
4Capitalization: Places
5Capitalization: Titles of People
6Capitalization: Dates and Holidays
7Capitalization: Titles
8Capitalization: Friendly Letters
9Punctuation: Commas
10Punctuation: Periods
11Punctuation: Abbreviations
12Punctuation: Question Marks and Exclamation Points
13Punctuation: Sentences
14Punctuation: Sentence Fragments
15Punctuation: End Marks
16Punctuation: Commas in Series and Introductions
17Punctuation: Friendly Letters
18Punctuation: Commas in Dialogue
19Punctuation: Quotation Marks in a Dialogue
20Punctuation: Quotations Marks Around Titles
21Parts of Speech
22Nouns - Common and Proper Nouns
23Replace Common Nouns With Proper Nouns
24Regular Plurals
25Irregular Plurals
26Nouns: Singular and Plural Possessives
28Pronouns - 2
30Verbs - 2
31Verb Tense
32Verb Tense - 2
33Present Tense Verbs
34Past Tense Verbs
35Future Tense Verbs
36Verbs - Do, Have
37Verbs - Am, Is, Are, Was, Were
38Verbs - Sang, Ran
39Verbs - Wore, Done
40Verbs - Gave, Went
41Verbs - Ate, Saw
43Adjectives - 2
44Adjectives - Levels
45Adjectives - Story
50Four Kinds of Sentences
51Four Sentence Types
52Is It a Sentence?
53Review Test - Grammar - Level 3

Topic 3. Reading and Comprehension

1Read and Summarize a Book
2Good Reading Strategies
3Finding Topic Sentences and Supporting Details
4Fact and Opinion
5Fantasy or Reality
7Sayings and Phrases
9Reading Fiction - The Horse And The Wolf
10Reading Fiction - Salem and the Nail
11Reading Fiction - The Witch In The Tower
12Reading Fiction - The Donkey That Thought He Was Clever
13Reading Fiction - The Mouse and the Lion
14Reading Fiction - Amin and Eggs
15Reading Fiction
16Reading Fiction - The Flying Trunk
17Reading Nonfiction
19Reading Non-fiction - Earthquakes
20Reading Comprehension - Following Directions
21Reading Comprehension - Sequencing
22Reading Nonfiction - Ants
23Reading Nonfiction - Insects
24Reading Nonfiction - US Government
25Following and Giving Directions
26Poem - Jimmy Jet and his TV Set
28Review Test - Reading Comprehension Level 3

Topic 4. Writing

1Writing Practice - Lower Case Alphabet
2Writing Practice - Upper Case Alphabet
3Writing Practice - Cursive a to g
4Writing Practice - Cursive h to n
5Writing Practice - Cursive o to t
6Writing Practice - Cursive u to z
7Writing Practice - Cursive A to M
8Writing Practice - Cursive N to Z
9Writing Practice - Blank Sheet
10Writing Supporting Details
11Writing a Thank-You Note
12A Good Writing Method
13Writing an Acrostic Poem
14Writing Correct Dates and Times
15Writing a Dialogue
16Picture Clue Writing
17Picture Clue Writing - 2
18Picture Clue Writing - 3
19Review Test - Writing Level 3
20Writing Prompts for Grades 1-3

Topic 5. Other

1Review Test 1
2Review Test 2
3Review Test 3
4Review Test 4
5Spanish Words
6Spanish Words - Colors
7Spanish words - Days of the Week