AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A4 - English Language
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary

1Word A Day
2Short Vowels
3Long Vowels
4The k, f, s Sounds
10Homophones - 2
11Homophones - 3
12Homophones - 4
13Homophones - 5
14Correct the Homonym
15Choose the Correct Homonym
16Prefixes and Suffixes
18Prefixes - Ambi and Amphi
19Suffix Sounds
20'Y' Change
21Vocabulary - 1
22Vocabulary - 2
23Vocabulary - 3
24Vocabulary - 4
25Vocabulary - 5
26Vocabulary - 6
27Vocabulary - 7
28Camping Vocabulary
29Super Sentence Vocabulary
30ABC Order
31Alphabetical Order
32Well vs. Good
33Who vs. How
36Identify the Word
37Identify the Word - 2
38Spelling - 1
39Spelling - 2
40Spelling - 3
41Find the Right Word
42Word Roots
43Compound Words
45Review Test - Spelling and Vocabulary - Level 4

Topic 2. Grammar

1Grammar Review
2Capitalization Review
3Capital Letters
4Editing - Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation
5Using Capitals with Proper Nouns
6Punctuation Review - Comma and Semi-colon
7Punctuation - Commas with Numbers, Salutations, and Please
8Punctuation - Commas with Question Tags, Adjectives, and Adverbs
9Punctuation - Commas with Series, Main Clause, and Conditional Sentences
10Punctuation - Commas in Direct Speech and Introductory Clause
11Punctuation - Commas with Additional Information and Opposites
12Punctuation Marks that End Sentences
13Parts of Speech
14Name the Part of Speech
15Nouns and Their Types
16Common and Proper Nouns
17Plural Nouns
18Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives
20Pronouns for Nouns
21Find the Pronouns
22Pronoun to Noun Reference
23Object Pronouns
24Possessive Pronouns
25Verbs: Action, Linking, and Helping
26Verbs - 2
27More Verbs
28Verb Tenses
29Present, Past and Future Tense
30Past, Present, or Future
31Find the Verb
32Contractions with Verbs
33Verb Forms Using 'ing' and 'ed'
34Irregular Verbs in Past Tense
35Subject-Verb Agreement
37Comparing Adjectives
40Is it a Sentence?
41Types of Sentences
42Types of Sentences - Declarative or Interrogative
43Complete the Sentence
44Subjects And Predicates
45Compound Subjects
46Compound Predicates
47'Can' or 'Know how to'
48Using I and Me, We and Us
50Sentence and Punctuation Practice
51Review Test - Grammar Level 4

Topic 3. Reading Comprehension

1Reading Fiction - Strategies
2Read and Summarize a Book
3Context Clues - 1
4Context Clues - 2
5Context Clues - 3
6Sentences in a Paragraph
7Find the Topic Sentence
8Driving Directions
9Following Directions: Recipes
10Reading Skills: Bus Schedules
11Reading Skills: Labels
12Fact or Opinion
13Sayings and Proverbs
14Poem - The Wind
15Poem - Daybreak
16Poem - In London Town
17Reading for Details: St. Helena Lighthouse
18Reading Nonfiction: Core Democratic Values
19Reading Nonfiction - The Potawatomi
20Genres: Myths and Fables
21Fairy Tale: Crab and Heron
22Fairy Tale: The Conference of The Mice
23Fairy Tale: The Wolf and The Crane
26Review Test - Reading Comprehension Level 4

Topic 4. Writing

1Commonly Confused Words
2Reference Skills
3Reference Choice
4Using Sayings and Proverbs
5Using the Right Word - 1
6Using the Right Word - 2
7Using the Right Word - 3
8Writing Supporting Sentences
9Topic Sentences and Supporting Details
10Taking Notes
12Summarizing: Writing an Autobiography
13Writing Letters
14Writing Practice - Blank Sheet
15Writing a Story: Using a Mind Map
16Write About This Picture
17A Good Writing Method
18Types of Essays
19Compare and Contrast: Top Jobs
20Review Test - Writing Level 4

Topic 5. Other Topics & Review Tests

1Spelling Test - High Frequency Words
2Sentences Review
3Sentences Review - 2
4Grammar Review
5Review Test - 1
6Review Test - 2
7Review Test - 3
8Review Test - 4
9Test Taking Strategies
10State Test - Writing Assessment