AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A2 - Mathematics
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Working with Numbers to 100

1Skip Counting by 2 and 3 (WIZ Math)
2Before and After
3Skip Counting by 5 (WIZ Math)
4Counting by 10 (WIZ Math)
5Special Math Words
6Even or Odd Using Pictures
7Even or Odd Numbers
8One More or One Less - Upto 100 (WIZ Math)
9Counting with a Tally
10Bar Graphs (Bar Charts)
11Numbers in Words - Up to 100 (WIZ Math)
12Reading a Number Line
13Place Value
14Basic Math
15Math Facts
16Addition Facts up to 20 (WIZ Math)
17Addition - One Digit (WIZ Math)
18Subtraction Facts - Up to 20 (WIZ Math)
19Subtraction - One Digit (WIZ Math)
20Subtraction Facts - Single digit
21Adding Three Numbers (WIZ Math)
22Addition of Three One Digit Numbers
23Doubles (WIZ Math)
25Doubles and Halves
26Doubles Plus One
27Twelve is a Dozen
28Sum of 10
29Fact Families
30More Fact Families
31Find the Missing Number
32Greater Than Comparison - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
33Less Than Comparison - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
34Greater Than Comparison - Double Digit (WIZ Math)
35Less Than Comparison - Double Digit (WIZ Math)
36Working with Equations
37Tens and Ones
38Adding - Two Digits (WIZ Math)
39Adding Two Digit Numbers Horizontally
40Subtracting - Two Digits (WIZ Math)
41Subtracting Two Digit Numbers Horizontally
42Adding and Subtracting 9 Mentally
43Rounding to nearest Tens (WIZ Math)
44Fractions - Without Simplification (WIZ Math)
45Fraction of a Collection Using Pictures
46Working with Numbers to 100 - Review Test

Topic 2. Working with Numbers to 1000

1Counting by 100s (WIZ Math)
2Counting Between Hundreds (WIZ Math)
3Counting by 50s (WIZ Math)
4Counting by 10s (WIZ Math)
5Counting by 5s (WIZ Math)
6Place Value - 3 Digits (WIZ Math)
7Numbers in Words - Up to 1000 (WIZ Math)
8Words to Numbers Up to 1000 (WIZ Math)
9Hundreds, Tens, Ones
10Expanded Form - Numbers to 1000 (WIZ Math)
11Expanded Notation
13Compare Three-Digit Numbers (WIZ Math)
14Adding Three Double Digit Numbers (WIZ Math)
15Adding - Three Digits (WIZ Math)
16Regrouping Tens as Hundreds
17Subtracting - Three Digits (WIZ Math)
18Even or Odd (WIZ Math)
19Even or Odd Numbers
20Numbers Review
21Working with Numbers to 1000 - Review

Topic 3. Money

1Coins and Dollar Bills
2Money Combinations Using Pictures
3Money Combinations
4How Many Make Up a Dollar?
5Quarters and Counting by 25 (WIZ Math)
6Counting Coins
7Counting Money (WIZ Math)
8Adding and Subtracting Money
9Money Word Problems
10Name the Faces that Appear on the US Currency Bills
11Name the Presidents Found on the US Coins
12Name the Artwork on US Coins and Bills
13Money - Review Test

Topic 4. Word Problems

1Word Problems
2More Word Problems

Topic 5. Measurement

1Measurement Facts
2Measurement Facts - Time
3Measuring Length (WIZ Math)
5Calendar Facts
6Months of the Year
7Ordinal Numbers
8Clocks - Time to 15 Minutes (WIZ Math)
9Clocks - Time to 5 Minutes (WIZ Math)
10Elapsed Time in 30 Minute Increments (WIZ Math)
11Measurement Review Test

Topic 6. Geometry

1Name the Shapes
2Shapes (2 Dimensional)
3Solid Shapes (3 Dimensional)
4Points, Lines, and Segments
5Symmetric Figures
6Geometry Review Test

Topic 7. Multiplication

1What is Multiplication?
2Multiplication as Repeated Addition
3Multiplication Arrays
4Multiplication 0-5
5Multiplication - Single Digit (WIZ Math)
6Missing Factors (WIZ Math)
7Multiplying by 10 (WIZ Math)
8Multiplication - Double Digit by Single Digit (WIZ Math)
9Multiplication Review Test

Topic 8. Review Tests & Other Topics

1Final Review Test