AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A6 - Mathematics
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Number Sense and Numeration

1Place Value - Numbers through Billions (WIZ Math)
2Numbers in Words - Up to Billions (WIZ Math)
3Words to Numbers Up to Billions (WIZ Math)
4Multiplying Large Numbers (WIZ Math)
5Rounding to Nearest Million (WIZ Math)
6Dividing Large Numbers
7Difference of Place Value
8Sum of Place Value
9Changing Roman Numerals into Indo Arabic Numerals
10Changing Indo Arabic Numerals into Roman Numerals
11Converting Binary System Into Decimal System
12Converting Decimal System Into Binary System
13Properties of Whole Numbers (Addition)
14Properties of Whole Numbers (Multiplication)
15Properties of Whole Numbers (Subtraction)
16Properties of Whole Numbers (Division)
17Factors and Multiples
18Multiples of Numbers up to 50 (WIZ Math)
19Factors of Numbers up to 500 (WIZ Math)
20Prime Numbers, Twin Primes and Composite Numbers
21Prime Factorization of Numbers up to 1000 (WIZ Math)
22Criteria of Divisibility By 2
23Criteria of Divisibility By 3
24Criteria of Divisibility By 4
25Criteria of Divisibility By 5
26Criteria of Divisibility By 6
27Criteria of Divisibility By 7
28Criteria of Divisibility By 8
29Criteria of Divisibility By 9
30Division by Zero
31Criteria of Divisibility By 10
32Criteria of Divisibility By 11
33Divisibility Test - Numbers up to 10,000 (WIZ Math)
34Divisibility Review
35GCF - Greatest Common Factor
36GCD - Prime Factors Method
37GCD - Division Method (Euclid Algorithm)
38GCF - Greatest Common Factor (WIZ Math)
39LCM - Least Common Multiple
40LCM - Prime Factors Method
41LCM - Division Method
42LCM - Least Common Multiple (WIZ Math)
43Relation Between G.C.D. and L.C.M.
44Numeration Review Test

Topic 2. Integers

1Absolute Value of Integer
2Powers of Integers - II
3Integers on Number Line
4Integers - Positive and Negative Integers
5Integer Coordinates
6Integer Multiplication Table
7Integer Story Problems
8Adding Integers using Number Line
9Subtracting Integers using Number Line
10Integers: Four Basic Operations Using Signed Numbers - Table
11Operations with Integers (WIZ Math)
12Powers of Integers I
13Properties of Division in Integers
14Expressing Using Integers
16Comparing Integers - Smaller or Larger
17Write the Integers in Ascending or Descending Order
18Addition of Integers
19Properties of Addition in Integers
20Subtraction in Integers
21Multiplication of Integers
22Properties of Multiplication in Integers
23Division in Integers
24Integers Review Test

Topic 3. Rational Numbers

1Type of Numbers: Natural, Whole, Integers, Rational, Irrational & Real
2Rational Numbers
3Comparing Rational Numbers - I
4Comparing Rational Numbers - II
5Addition of Rational Numbers - I
6Addition in Rational Numbers - II
7Properties of Rational Numbers (Addition)
8Additive Inverse and Additive Identity in Rational Numbers
9Subtraction in Rational Numbers - I
10Subtraction in Rational Numbers - II
11Multiplication in Rational Numbers - I
12Multiplication in Rational Numbers - II
13Properties of Rational Numbers (Multiplication)
14Multiplicative Identity and Multiplicative Inverse
15Division in Rational Numbers - I
16Division in Rational Numbers - II
17Operations of Rational Numbers - Review
18Simplifying Rational Numbers - I
19Simplifying Rational Numbers - II
20Simplifying Rational Numbers - III
21Arranging Rational Numbers in Ascending Order
22Real Numbers
23Irrational Numbers
24Fractions and Decimals
25Arranging Rational Numbers in Descending Order
26Rational Numbers - More Than One Operation
27Rational Numbers Word Problems
28Rational Numbers Review Test

Topic 4. Fractions

2Types of Fractions
3Comparing Fractions
4Comparing Fractions - Another Method
5Arranging Fractions in Ascending or Descending Order
6Operation on Fractions
7Fractions of Quantities
8Order of Operations: P E M D A S or B O D M A S
9Order of Operations
10Word Problems
11Fractions Word Problems - 1
12Fractions Word Problems - 2
13Fractions Word Problems - 3
14Fractions Review Test

Topic 5. Decimals

1Division of a Whole Number by Whole Number (Other Than Zero)
2Decimal Place Value upto Hundred-Thousandths (WIZ Math)
3Addition In Decimal Fractions
4Subtraction In Decimal Fraction
5Multiplication In Decimals - (Multiply by 10,100, and 1000)
6Multiplication In Decimals - (Multiply by Natural Number)
7Multiplication In Decimals - (Multiply by Decimal Number)
8Division In Decimals - (Divide by 10,100, and 1000)
9Division In Decimals - (Divide by Natural Number)
10Division In Decimals - (Division by Decimal Number)
11Decimal Sums (WIZ Math)
12Decimal Differences (WIZ Math)
13Decimal Products (WIZ Math)
14Decimal Division (WIZ Math)
15Decimal Word Problems - 1
16Decimals Word Problems - 2
17Decimals Review
18Decimals Review - II
19Decimal Word Problems - Challenging
20Converting Decimals to Common Fractions
21Converting Common Fractions To Decimals
22Decimal Review Test

Topic 6. Mixed Fractions

1Mixed Fractions and Improper Fractions
2Addition of Mixed Numbers
3Addition of Three Mixed Numbers
4Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
5Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
6Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Fractions with Unlike Denominators
7Subtraction of Mixed Fractions - 2
8Multiplication of Mixed Numbers
9Multiplication of Mixed Fractions - 2
10Division of Mixed Numbers
11Reciprocal of a Number
12Division of Mixed Fractions - 2
13Multiple Operations with Mixed Fractions
14Comparing Mixed Numbers
15Mixed Fractions: Word Problems
16Fractions, Decimals and Mixed Numbers - Review Test

Topic 7. Ratios or Fractions

2Find if the Given Numbers are in Proportion
3Mean Proportional
4Find the Missing Number in a Proportion
5Direct Variation or Direct Proportion
6Inverse Variation or Inverse Proportion
7Representative Ratio
8Representative Fractions
9Representative Ratio and Representative Fraction
10Ratios Review
11Proportion - II
12Proportion - I
13Properties of Ratios - I
14Properties of Ratios - II
15Properties of Ratios - III
16Ratio Compares Quantities of the Same Kind
17Simplifying Ratios
18Ratio Word Problems
19Find The Greater Ratio In Each Pair
20Find A:B:C from A:B and B:C
21Ratio Word Problems - 2
22Ratios Review Test

Topic 8. Percentages

3Fraction of a Collection Using Pictures
4Percentages For Numbers Using Pictures
5Cost Price, Selling Price, and Loss
6Finding Profit Percentage
7Finding Loss Percentage
8Profit and Loss Table
9Profit and Loss Word Problems - I
10Profit and Loss Word Problems - II
11Simple Interest
12Problems on Simple Interest
13Simple Interest Word Problems
14Saving Bank Account
15Fractions to Percents (WIZ Math)
16Percentage Word Problems - 2
17Cost Price, Selling Price, and Profit
18Percentage Word Problems - 1
19Fraction - Decimal - Percent
20Convert Fractions to Percents
21Convert Percents to Fractions
22Convert Decimals to Percents
23Convert Percents to Decimals
24Expressing One Quantity as a Percentage of Another Quantity
25Percentage Table - I
26Percentage Table - II
27Find the Required Percent Of a Given Quantity
28Percentage Increase
29Percentage Decrease
30Percentage Table - III
31Percentage Table - IV
32Percentages Review Test

Topic 9. Geometry

1Basic Geometrical Concepts - Points and Lines
2Triangles and Polygons
3Angles Made by a Transversal With Two Parallel Lines - II
4Angles Made By A Transversal With Two Lines - I
6Parallel Lines
7Geometry Test
8Adjacent, Congruent, Linear Pair, and Vertically Opposite Angles
9Complementary Angles
10Perimeter of a Triangle
11Classifying Triangles by Sides
12Geometry Review
13Constructing a Circle of a Given Radius
14Circumference of a Circle
15Circle - II
16Circles - I
17Relation Between Sides and Angles of a Triangle
18Triangle Sum Theorem
19Classifying Triangles by Angles
20Supplementary Angles
21Constructing an Angle of a Given Measure
22Measuring Length of Line Segment using Graduated Ruler
23Comparison of Two Line Segments - With a Divider
24Comparison of Two Line Segments - With a Sheet of Paper
25Comparison of Two Line Segments - By Observation
26Line Segments
27Basic Geometrical Concepts
28Basic Geometrical Concepts - Coplanar Points, Coplanar Lines, Concurrent Lines and Space
29Basic Geometrical Concepts - Parallel Lines, Collinear Points and Plane
31Midpoint of Line Segment
32Constructing a Line Segment of a Given Length
33Find the Correct Angle
34Classifying Angles
35Measuring an Angle with a Protractor - I
36Interior and Exterior of An Angle
39Addition and Subtraction of Lengths of Line Segments
40Geometry Review Test

Topic 10. Measurement

1Measurement Facts - U.S. Customary System and Metric System
2Measurement Facts - Units of Time
3Convert Units of Length - Metric & US Customary System (WIZ Math)
4Convert Units of Weight - Metric & US Customary Systems (WIZ Math)
5Convert Units of Capacity - Metric and US Customary Systems (WIZ Math)
6Changing U.S Customary Units of Volume (WIZ Math)
7Changing Metric Units of Volume (WIZ Math)
8Measurement Review Test

Topic 11. Probability and Statistics

2Probability - The Study of Chance
3Statistics: Mean, Median, Mode and Range
4Statistics and Graphs: Bar Graphs, Line graphs, Pictographs and Tally Marks
5Circle Graph
6Histogram or Histograph
7Probability and Statistics Review Test

Topic 12. Algebraic Operations and Analytical Thinking

2Variables And Constants
3Basic Operations With Variables - I
4Basic Operations With Variables - II
5Algebraic Expressions
6Translating Verbal Statements into Algebraic Expressions
7Monomial, Binomial, Trinomial, and Multinomial
8Algebra Review
9Algebraic Equations
10Linear Equations
11Linear Equations - 2
12Exponent/Index and Base
14Exponents - Product Form
15Exponents - I
16Exponents - 2
17Negative Exponents
18Equations Review
19Solving Equations
20Solving Equations - 2
21Order of Operations
22Order of Operations - 2
23Order of Operations Involving +, -, and * (WIZ Math)
24Order of Operations (WIZ Math)
25Algebraic Equations and Expressions
26Solving Equations - 3
27Equations and Expressions
30Like and Unlike Terms
31Value of an Algebraic Expression - I
32Value of An Algebraic Expression - II
33Value of an Algebraic Expression - III
34Value of an Algebraic Expression - IV
35Addition of Monomials
36Addition of Binomials - I
37Addition of Binomials - II
38Addition of Trinomials - I
39Addition of Trinomials - II
40Additive Inverse
41Subtraction of Monomials
42Subtraction of Binomials - I
43Subtraction of Binomials - II
44Subtraction of Trinomials - I
45Subtraction of Trinomials - II
46Simplification of Expressions - I
47Simplification of Expressions - II
48Simplification of Expressions - III
49Multiplication of Monomials - I
50Multiplication of Monomials - II
51Multiplication of Monomials - III
52Multiplication of Monomials - IV
53Multiplication of Monomials - V
54Multiplication of Monomials - VI
55Multiplication of Monomials - VII
56Multiplication of Monomials - VIII
57Multiplication of a Monomial and a Binomial - I
58Multiplication of a Monomial and a Binomial - II
59Multiplication of a Monomial and a Binomial - III
60Multiplication of a Monomial and a Binomial - IV
61Multiplication of a Monomial and a Binomial - V
62Multiplication of a Monomial and a Trinomial - I
63Multiplication of a Monomial and a Trinomial - II
64Multiplication of a Monomial and a Trinomial - III
65Multiplication of two Binomials
66Multiplication - I
67Multiplication - II
68Multiplication - III
69Mathematical Statement
70Root of an Equation - I
71Root of an Equation - II
72Root of an Equation - III
73Linear and Non-Linear Equations
74L.H.S and R.H.S - I
75L.H.S and R.H.S - II
76Domain of a Variable
77Solving an Equation by Guess Method
78Applications of Simple Equations
79Verbal Problems - I
80Verbal Problems - II
81Review I
82Review - II
83Algebra Review Test

Topic 13. Review Tests

1Final Review Test