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Level A7 - Mathematics
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Real Numbers

1Natural Numbers
2Properties of Square Roots Review
3Review - II
4Scientific Notation for Natural Numbers
5Scientific Notation for Decimal Numbers
6Scientific Notation for Fractional Numbers
7Comparing Two Scientific Notation Numbers
8Multiplying Numbers Written in Scientific Notation
9Dividing Numbers Written in Scientific Notation
10Convert Scientific Notation to Standard Notation (Natural Numbers)
11Convert Scientific Notation to Standard Notation (Decimal Number)
12Convert Scientific Notation to Standard Notation (Fraction)
13Addition and Subtraction of Two Numbers in Scientific Notation
14Properties of Square Roots of Numbers - VI
15Properties of Square Roots of Numbers - V
16Whole Numbers
18Rational Numbers
19Radicals or Square Root - I
20Square Root - II
21Word Problems On Square Roots - I
22Word Problems On Square Roots - II
23Word Problems On Square Roots - III
24Properties of Square Roots of Numbers - I
25Properties of Square Roots of Numbers - II
26Properties of Square Roots of Numbers - III
27Properties of Square Roots of Numbers - IV
28Review Test - Real Numbers

Topic 2. Algebraic Expressions

1Value of an Expression - I
2Subtraction of Polynomials
3Additive Inverse of a Polynomial
4Addition of Polynomials
5Arranging a Polynomial in Descending Order
6Arranging a Polynomial in Ascending Order
7Simplified Form of a Polynomial
8Subtraction in Monomials
9Addition of Monomials
10Zero of a Polynomial
11Degree of a Polynomial
12Degree of a Monomial
13Value of an Expression - IV
14Value of an Expression - III
15Value of an Expression - II
16Algebraic Expressions Review Test

Topic 3. Exponents and Powers

2Find the Value of the Expression
3Write the Given Product in Exponent Form
4Integer Exponents
5Negative Exponents
6Fractional or Rational Exponents
7Find x Value - I
8Word Problems - Exponents
9Find x Value - II
10Word Problems - Exponents - 2
11Properties of Exponents
12Laws of Exponents Review - II
13Simplification - II
14Word Problems - Negative Exponents
15Laws of Exponents - I
16Laws of Exponents - II
17Laws of Exponents - III
18Laws of Exponents - IV
19Laws of Exponents - V
20Power With Exponent Zero
21Express in Power Notation
22Simplification - I
23Fill in the Blanks
24Exponents and Powers Review Test

Topic 4. Special Products and Expansions

1Formula for a3 + b3
2Factorization by Rearrangement of Terms
3Common Binomial Factor - II
4Common Binomial Factor - I
5Factorization - III
6Factorization - II
7Factorization - I
8Highest Common Factor - II
9Highest Common Factor - I
10Identities - I
11Finding the value of (a+b) (a-b) (Geometrical Proof)
12The Square Root of a Monomial
13Finding the Factors of a Trinomial That is a Perfect Square - I
14Division of Multinomial by Multinomial
15Division of Multinomial by Binomial
16Division of Multinomial by Monomial
17Division of Binomial by a Monomial
18Division of a Monomial by a Monimal - I
19Find The Factors of Difference of Two Squares - IV
20Find The Factors of Difference of Two Squares - III
21Find The Factors of Difference of Two Squares - II
22Find The Factors of Difference of Two Squares - I
23Finding the Factors of a Trinomial That is a Perfect Square - II
24Finding the value of (a-b)2 (Geometrical Proof)
25 Finding the Formula (a+b)2 (Geometrical Proof)
26Multiplication of Two Binomials (Geometrical Proof)
27Simplification - II
28Simplification - I
29Fill in the Blanks - I
30Division of a Monomial by a Monimal - II
31Multiplication of Two Binomials - Using a Table
32Multiplication of Two Binomial (Vertical or Column Method)
33Multiplication of Two Binomials (Horizontal Method)
34Multiplication of a Multinomial by a Monomial (Vertical Method)
35Multiplication of a Multinomial by a Monomial (Horizontal Method)
36Multiplication of Two Binomials - FOIL Method
37Formula for (a+b)^2 - Square of a Binomial
38Formula for (a-b)2
39Solving Problems Using Formula for a2-b2
40Formula for a2-b2 Difference of Two Squares
41Solving Problems Using Formula for (a-b)2
42Solving Problems Using Formula for (a+b)(a-b)
43Solving Problems Using Formula for (a+b)2 - II
44Solving Problems Using Formula for (a+b)2
45Fill In the Blanks - III
46Fill in the Blanks - II
47Multiplication of a Multinomial by a Monomial (Geometrical Proof)
48Formula for a3 - b3
49Special Products and Expansions - Formulas
50Special Products Expansions - Formulas
51Special Products and Expansions Review Test

Topic 5. Formulae and Their Uses

1Subject of the Formula
2Review - II
3Review - I
4Construct the Formula
5Temperature Conversion using Formula - Fahrenheit and Celcius
6Word Problems
7Changing the Subject of the Formula
8Expressing the Principles Stated in Words in Terms of Symbols
9State the Formula in Words

Topic 6. Simple Equations and Inequations

1Convert Terminating Decimals into Non-Terminating Recurring Decimals
2Word Problems - Digits
3Speed and Distance Word Problems
4Terminating Decimals
5Non-Terminating Recurring Decimals
6Writing Pure Recurring Decimal into Rational Number Form - I
7Writing Pure Recurring Decimal into Rational Number Form - II
8Writing Pure Recurring Decimal into Rational Number Form - III
9Writing Mixed Recurring Decimal into Rational Number Form - I
10Writing Mixed Recurring Decimal into Rational Number Form - II
11Writing Mixed Recurring Decimal into Rational Number Form - III
12Converting Recurring Decimal into Non-Recurring Decimal - I
13Converting Recurring Decimal into Non-Recurring Decimal - II
14Word Problems - Distance, Money, Fractions
15Word Problems - Age
16Word Problems - Numbers
17Solution of Simple Equations - I
18Solution of Simple Equations - II
19Solution of Simple Equations - III
20Solution of Simple Equations - IV
21Solution of Simple Equations - V
22Solution of Simple Equations - VI
23Equations With Fractional Coefficients - I
24Equations With Fractional Coefficients - II
25Equations With Decimal Coefficients - I
26Equations With Decimal Coefficients - II
27Solution of Simple Equations - VII
28Solution of Simple Equations - VIII
29Properties of Equalities
30Properties of Inequalities - I
31Properties of Inequalities - II
32Properties of Inequalities - III
33Properties of Inequalities - IV
34Properties of Inequalities - V
35Solving Inequations - I
36Solving Inequations - II
37Solving Inequations - III
38Solving Inequations - V
39Solving Inequations - IV
40Solving Inequations - VI
41Simple Equations Review
42Real Numbers Word Problems
43Real Numbers Review
44Equations and Inequations - Review Test

Topic 7. Goemetry - Triangles

1Triangles Review
2Properties of Triangles
3Polygons and Triangles
4Perimeter of a Triangle
5Classifying Triangles by Sides
6Classifying Triangles by Angles
7Triangle Sum Theorem
8Relation Between Sides and Angles of a Triangle
9Congruency of Triangles
10Circumcenter and Incenter
11Excentres, Median, Centroid, Altitude and Orthocentre
12Construction of Circumcircle
13Geometry Triangles - Review Test

Topic 8. Geometry - Quadrilaterals

2Problems on Quadrilaterals - I
3Problems on Quadrilaterals - II
4Problems on Quadrilaterals - III
5Types of Quadrilaterals
13Problems on Parallelogram - I
14Problems on Parallelogram - II
15Relation Between Quadrilaterals
16Quadrilaterals Flow Chart
17Quadrilaterals Review Test

Topic 9. Geometry and Measurement

1Perimeter of the Square
2The Area of a Circular Path - II
3The Area of a Circular Path - I
4Area of a Circle - II
5Diameter of a Circle - II
6Area of a Circle - I
7Diameter of a Circle - I
8Circumference of a Circle - II
9Circumference of a Circle - I
10Area of a Trapezoid - II
11The Area of a Circular Path - III
12Length of the Sector
13The Area of a Sector - I
14Perimeter of the Rectangle
15Perimeter of the Rhombus
16Perimeter of the Parallelogram
17Perimeter of the Trapezoid
18Perimeter of a Quadrilateral
19Perimeter of the Triangle
20Angle of a Sector
21Perimeter of a Sector
22The Area of a Sector - II
23Area of a Trapezoid - I
24Area of a Square - II
25The Area of Triangle
26Important Formulas
27Area of Quadrilateral - I
28Area of Quadrilateral - II
29Area of Parallelogram - I
30Area of Parallelogram - II
31Area of Rhombus - I
32Area of Rhombus - II
33Area of Square - I
34Area of Triangle - Using Pictures
35Perimeter of Triangle - Using Pictures
36Area of Quadrilateral - Using Pictures
37Perimeter of Quadrilaterals - Using Pictures
38Finding Area of Polygons
39Finding Perimeter of Polygons
40Pythagorean Theorem
41Area of the Four Walls of a Room - I
42Area of the Four Walls of a Room - II
43Area of the Four Walls of a Room - III
44Area of Rectangular Path - I
45Area of Rectangular Path - II
46Area of Rectangular Path - III
47Area of Rectangular Path - IV
48Surface Area of Cuboid - I
49Surface Area of Cuboid - II
50Word Problems on Cuboid
51Surface Area of Cube - I
52Surface Area of Cube - II
53Word Problems on Cube
54Volume of Cuboid - I
55Volume of Cuboid - II
56Volume of the Cube - I
57Volume of Cuboid - III
58Ratio of Two Cuboids
59Volume of the Cube - II
60Word Problems on Cuboid - I
61Geometry And Measurement - Review Test

Topic 10. Statistics

1Making a Box-and-Whisker Plot
2Box-and-Whisker Plot
3Stem-and-Leaf Plots
4Organizing Data in Venn Diagrams
5Line Plots
6Bar Diagram (Vertical)
7Bar Diagram (Horizontal)
8Line Graphs
9Pie Diagram
10Problems on Pie Diagram

Topic 11. Review Tests

1Final Review Test