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Vocabulary - SAT, TOEFL, GRE Test Preparation
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Base and Root Words

1terr: earth
2annu/enni: year
3apo: away/send
4cap/capit/cipit: head, headlong
5card/cord/cour: heart
6clud/clus: to close
7bell: war
8quis: to seek; to obtain
9crypt/cryph: hidden
10her/hes: to stick or get stuck
11tempor: time
12dom: house or master
13phos/phot: light
14jur: to swear; take an oath
15fug: to flee or escape
16neg: to say ‘no’
17tors/tort: to twist, to wind, or to wrench
18mand/mend: entrust or order
19anthro or andr: man, human
20ante: before
21anim: life, mind, soul, spirit
22Word Roots
23derma: skin
24bene: well
25chrono: time
26bio: life
27cracy: government; rule
28gress: to go
29geo: earth
30audi or audio: hear or sound
31amb: to go, to walk
32fer: carry
33log or logue: word or thought or speech
34duct or duce: to lead
35sign: mark or seal or symbol
36dict or dic: speak
37cide: kill
38avis: bird
39peri: going around something
40rupt: break
41Greek and Latin Number Roots

Topic 2. Prefixes and Suffixes

1mono: one or only
2circum: around
3auto: self
4anti: against, opposite
5bi: two
6Prefixes - Ambi and Amphi
7Prefixes- De and Ex
8Prefix - Dis
9Prefixes - Il, Im, In, and Ir
10Prefixes - Mis, Un, Re, and Pre
11Greek and Latin Prefixes
12More Prefixes
13More Prefixes - 2
14Prefixes Practice
16Greek and Latin Suffixes
17Suffixes and Parts of Speech
18Suffixes - Nouns
19Suffixes - Verbs
20Suffixes - Adjectives
21Suffixes - Adverbs
22Suffix Review Test
23Prefix and Suffix Review Test

Topic 3. Word Origins & Special Words

1Medical Doctors
2Spelling Rules for Adding Suffixes - 2
3Spelling Rule: er vs. or
4Commonly Misspelled Words
5Commonly Misspelled Words - 2
6Commonly Misspelled Words - 3
7Commonly Misspelled Words - 4
8Commonly Misspelled Words - 5
9Common Mistakes in Word Usage - 1
10Common Mistakes in Word Usage - 2
11Common Mistakes in Word Usage - 3
12Spelling Rule: Two Vowels
13Spelling Rule: Silent e
15Phobias - 2
17Word Endings and Doubling Consonants
18Name the Dinosaur
19Describe the Dinosaur
20Words from Mythology
21Words from Mythology - 2
22Spelling Rules for Adding Suffixes
23Spelling Rule - QU
24Spelling Rule - i before e
25Words and Expressions Commonly Misused - 1
26Words and Expressions Commonly Misused - 2
27Words and Expressions Commonly Misused - 3
28Words and Expressions Commonly Misused - 4

Topic 4. A to Z Words

1XYZ List
2P List
3O List - 2
4O List
5N List
6M List
7L List - 2
8L List
9K List
10P List - 2
11Q List
12R List
13W List
14V List
15U List
16T List 2
17T List
18S List - 2
19S List
20R List - 2
21J List
22I List - 2
23C List - 2
24C List
25B List - 2
26B List
27A List - 5
28A List - 4
29A List - 3
30A List - 2
31D List
32D List - 2
33E List
34I List
35H List - 2
36H List
37G List - 2
38G List
39F List - 2
40F List
41E List - 2
42A List

Topic 5. Miscellaneous Topics & Review Tests

1Word A Day
2Homework - Learn New Words
3Vocabulary Test - 1
4Spelling Test - 2
5Spelling Test - 1
6Vocabulary Test - 2
7Vocabulary Test - 3
8Vocabulary Test - 4
9Vocabulary Placement Test - 1
10Vocabulary Placement Test - 2