AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A3 - Mathematics
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Multiplication - Single Digit

1Multiplication as Repeated Addition
2Times Tables
3Multiplication Arrays
4Multiplication Pictures
6Multiplication Facts (WIZ Math)
7Multiplication Vocabulary
8Multiply by 4
9Multiply by 8
10Multiplication - One Digit
11Multiplication with One Digit - 2
12Multiplication with One Digit - 3
13Square Numbers
14Square Roots
15Multiplying Three Single Digit Numbers (WIZ Math)
16Multiplication Word Problems
17Order of Operations Involving +, -, and * (WIZ Math)
18Multiplication Review Test

Topic 2. Division - Single Digit

1Division Facts (WIZ Math)
2Division Vocabulary
3Practice Division with Pictures
4Dividing by 2's and 3's
5Division - Single Digits (WIZ Math)
6Division ( or /)
7Division Rules for 0 and 1
8Division Word Problems
9Multiplication and Division as Inverse Operations
10Division and Fractions (WIZ Math)
11Order of Operations Involving +, -, and * (WIZ Math)
12Division Single Digit Review Test

Topic 3. Numbers Upto Hundred Thousand

1Words to Numbers Up to Hundred Thousands (WIZ Math)
2Numbers in Words - Up to Hundred Thousands (WIZ Math)
3Place Value - to 10,000
4Place Value to 100,000 (WIZ Math)
5Place Value - Specific
6Expanded Form - Numbers to 100,000 (WIZ Math)
7Counting by 1000s (WIZ Math)
8Counting to 100,000 (WIZ Math)
9Skip Counting by 10 with Thousands (WIZ Math)
10Skip Counting by 5 with Thousands (WIZ Math)
11Skip Counting by 2 and 3 with Thousands (WIZ Math)
12Missing Numbers
13Rounding-Nearest Ten
14Rounding-Nearest Hundred
15Rounding to Nearest 1000 (WIZ Math)
16Ordering Numbers (WIZ Math)
17Compare Numbers Upto 100,000 (WIZ Math)
18Numbers Review Test

Topic 4. Working with Numbers

1Using Number Lines
2Equations and Inequations
3Ordinal Numbers Through One-Hundredth
4Ordinal Numbers
5Reading a Number Line
6Before and After Numbers
7Working With Numbers Review Test

Topic 5. Addition and Subtraction

1Mental Addition
2Addition Vocabulary
3Kinds of Subtraction
4Estimating Sums and Differences
5Story Problems - 1
6Story Problems - 2
7Story Problems - 3
8Story Problems - 4
9Word Problems
10Addition with Regrouping
11Sums and Differences
12Adding Several Single Digit Numbers (WIZ Math)
13Adding Several Double Digit Numbers (WIZ Math)
14Subtraction - 3 digit
15More Than One Operation (WIZ Math)
16Addition/Subtraction Review Test

Topic 6. Sums and Differences of Four-Digit Numbers

1Addition - 4 Digits (WIZ Math)
2Subtracting Across Zeros
3Subtraction Across Zeroes (WIZ Math)
4Subtraction - 4 Digits (WIZ Math)
5Adding Money (WIZ Math)
6Subtracting Money (WIZ Math)
7Adding and Subtracting Money Review Test

Topic 7. Time, Money, and Graphs

1Time Facts
2Clocks - Time to the Minute (WIZ Math)
3Elapsed Time in Minutes (WIZ Math)
4Working With Time Through Noon or Midnight
5Elapsed Time
6Calendar Facts
7Months of the Year
9Counting Money (WIZ Math)
10Converting Between Dollars and Cents (WIZ Math)
11Counting Dollars (WIZ Math)
12Reading and Writing Graphs
14Time Money and Graphs Review Test

Topic 8. Geometry

1Name the Shapes
2Points, Lines, and Segments
4Polygon Shapes
5Regular Polygons
6Shapes (2 Dimensional)
8Types of Angles
9Congruent and Symmetric Figures
11Area and Perimeter Facts
12Area and Perimeter
14Regular Polyhedrons
15Solid Shapes (3 Dimensional)
16Solids Shapes (Pyramids)
17Solids Shapes (Prisms)
18Points on a Grid
19Geometry Review Test

Topic 9. Multiplication

1Multiplication Pictures
2Multiplying by 10 (WIZ Math)
3Multiplying by 100 (WIZ Math)
4Multiplying by 1000 (WIZ Math)
5Multiplying Two Digit with One Digit Number (WIZ Math)
6Multiplying Three Digit with One Digit Number (WIZ Math)
7Multiplying Four Digit with One Digit Number (WIZ Math)
8Multiplication - Factors and Products
9Expanded Form - Numbers to 10000 (WIZ Math)
10Multiplication Review Test

Topic 10. Division

1More Divisions
2Division - Dividend, Divisor, Quotient, Remainder
3More Divisions - 2
4Division Vocabulary
5Divisor, Dividend, Quotient, and Remainder
6Division with Remainders (WIZ Math)
7Division by 10 (WIZ Math)
8Division by 100 (WIZ Math)
9Dividing Two Digit by Single Digit Number (WIZ Math)
10Dividing Three Digit by Single Digit Number (WIZ Math)
11Division Review Test

Topic 11. Fractions and Decimals

1Numerator and Denominator
2Fractions from 1/2 to 1/10 (WIZ Math)
3Fraction of a Collection Using Pictures
4Mixed Numbers Using Pictures
5Equivalent Fractions (WIZ Math)
6Simplify the Fractions (WIZ Math)
7Mixed Fractions (WIZ Math)
8Decimal to Fraction (WIZ Math)
9Fraction to Decimal (WIZ Math)
10Place Value with Decimals (WIZ Math)
11Place Value with Decimals
13Decimals: Tenths and Hundredths
14Multiplying Amount of Money with a Number (WIZ Math)
15Fractions and Decimals Word Problems
16Fractions Review Test

Topic 12. Measurement

1Measurement Facts Table
2Units of Measurement
3Measurement Facts (U S Cutomary System)
4Measurement Facts (Metric System)
5Measurement Word Problems
6Convert Measurements
7Convert Units of Length - US Customary System (WIZ Math)
8Convert Units of Length - Metric System (WIZ Math)
9Convert Units of Weight (WIZ Math)
10Convert Units of Capacity - US Customary System (WIZ Math)
11Convert Units of Capacity - Metric System (WIZ Math)
12Measuring Temperature
13Measurements Review Test

Topic 13. Roman Numerals

1Roman Numerals
2Roman Numerals - 1
3Roman Numerals - 2
4Roman Numbers - 3
5Roman Numbers Review Test

Topic 14. Miscellaneous Topics & Review Tests

1Final Review Test