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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Basic Operations Required for Solving Algebra Word Problems

1Converting Sentences into Mathematical Form
2Algebraic Expressions
3Mathematical Statement
4Algebraic Equations
5Algebraic Equations and Expressions
6Story Problem for Equation
7Equations and Expressions
8Solving an Equation by Guess Method
9Solving Equations
10Applications of Simple Equations
11Solving Equations - 3
12Solving Equations - 2
13Basic Operations With Variables - I
14Basic Operations With Variables - II
15Translating Verbal Statements into Algebraic Expressions
16Linear and Non-Linear Equations
17Linear Equations
18Linear Equations - 2
19Linear Equations - One Variable
20Linear Equations - Two Variables
21Linear Equation - Three Variables
22Review I

Topic 2. Algebra Word Problems

1Word Problems - Basic Operations With Variables - 1
2Word Problems - Basic Operations With Variables - 2
3Word Problems - Basic Operations With Variables - 3
4 Basic Operations With Variables - Word Problems - 4
5Verbal Problems - I
6Verbal Problems - II
7Word Problems - Numbers
8Word Problems - Age
9Word Problems - Distance, Money, Fractions
10Word Problems - Digits
11Speed and Distance Word Problems
12Linear Equation - Two Variables - Word Problems
13Word Problems - Basic Operations With Variables - Consecutive Integers
14Word Problems - Basic Operations With Variables - Challenging
15Word Problems - Negative Exponents
16Word Problems - Exponents
17Word Problems - Exponents - 2
18Word Problems - Numbers

Topic 3. Numbers and Operations - Word Problems

1Type of Numbers: Natural, Whole, Integers, Rational, Irrational & Real
2Empty No Q I
3Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology
4Divisibility Review
5Angela Belcher: Using nature to grow batteries
6Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!
7Natural Numbers
8Whole Numbers
9Word Problems - Age
10Word Problems - Age - 2
11Word Problems - Age - 3
12Word Problems - Age - 4
13Word Problems - Age - 5
14Word Problems - Age - 6
15Story Problems - Digits
16Word Problems - Digits
17Word Problems - Digit - 2
18Word Problems On Square Roots - I
19Word Problems On Square Roots - II
20Word Problems On Square Roots - III

Topic 4. Integers - Word Problems

1Integers: Four Basic Operations Using Signed Numbers - Table
2Basics of Geometry Review Test
3Decimals Review Test
4Measurement Review Test
5Geometry Part Three - Review Test
6Properties of Division in Integers
7Powers of Integers I
8Powers of Integers - II
9Addition of Integers
10Subtraction in Integers
11Multiplication of Integers
12Division in Integers
13Properties of Multiplication in Integers
14Integer Multiplication Table
15Integer Coordinates
16Integers - Positive and Negative Integers
18Expressing Using Integers
19Properties of Addition in Integers
20Order of Operations
21Order of Operations: P E M D A S or B O D M A S
22Integer Story Problems
23Prime Factorization Word Problems

Topic 5. Fractions - Word Problems

1Fraction of a Collection Using Pictures
2More Fraction Problems
3Fractions Review Test
4Rational Numbers
5Mikko Hypponen: Fighting viruses, defending the net
6Rational Numbers Review - II
7Rational Numbers Review - III
8Fractions Review Test
9Rational Numbers Review Test
10Math Symbols
11Decimal Review Test
12empty 2394
13Word Problems - A Fraction of a Number
14Word Problems - Fractions of Fractions
15Word Problems - A Fraction of a Number 3
16Word Problems
17Fractions Word Problems - 1
18Fractions Word Problems - 2
19Fractions Word Problems - 3
20Mixed Numbers Using Pictures
21Mixed Fractions (WIZ Math)
22Mixed Fractions: Word Problems

Topic 6. Decimals - Word Problems

1Decimals Review
2Decimals Review - II
3Coin Problems
4Coins Word Problems - 2
5Coin Word Problems - 3
6Coin Word Problems - 4
7Coin Word Problems - 5
8Word Problems - Coins
9Decimal Division Word Problems
10Fractions and Decimals Word Problems
11Decimal Word Problems - 1
12Decimals Word Problems - 2
13Coin Story Problems
14Decimal Word Problems - Challenging

Topic 7. Ratio and Proportion - Word Problems

1Ratio Compares Quantities of the Same Kind
2Representative Fractions
3Representative Ratio
4Inverse Variation or Inverse Proportion
5Direct Variation or Direct Proportion
6Find the Missing Number in a Proportion
7Find if the Given Numbers are in Proportion
8Proportion - II
9Proportion - I
10Ratios Review Test
11Ratios Review
12Ratio Word Problems - 2
13Ratio Word Problems
14Ratio Story Problems
15Ratios and Proportions

Topic 8. Percentage - Word Problems

2Percentages For Numbers Using Pictures
4Expressing One Quantity as a Percentage of Another Quantity
5Find the Required Percent Of a Given Quantity
6Percentage Problems
7Percentage Story Problems - 1
8Percentage Story Problems - 2
9Word Problems - Percents
10Word Problems - Percents - 2
11Percentage Increase
12Percentage Decrease
13Percentage Increase/Decrease
14Percentage Word Problems - 1
15Percentage Word Problems - 2

Topic 9. Review Tests

1Review 1
2Review 2
3Review 3