AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A5 - Mathematics
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Whole Numbers

1Properties of Multiplication
2Properties of Addition
3Properties of Addition and Multiplication
7Working with Negative Numbers
8Working with Negative Numbers (WIZ Math)
9Numbers - True or False
10Prime and Composite Facts for Numbers 1 through 20
11Prime and Composite Numbers
12Numbers - Prime, Composite, Odd, Even, Multiple, Factors
13Factors and Multiples
14Multiples of Numbers up to 20 (WIZ Math)
15Factors of Numbers up to 100 (WIZ Math)
16Prime Factorization or Factor Trees
17Prime Factorization of Numbers up to 500 (WIZ Math)
18Prime Factorization Word Problems
19Order of Operations
20Order of Operations - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (WIZ Math)
22More Exponents
23Compare and Order Numbers
24Beginning Radicals
25Numeration Review
26Numeration, Notation and Basic Operations
27Mean, Median, Mode and Range
28Expanded Notation
29Words to Numbers Up to Billions (WIZ Math)
30Numbers in Words - Up to Billions (WIZ Math)
31Place Value - Numbers through Billions (WIZ Math)
32Short Word Form
33Multiplication & Division as Opposite Operations (WIZ Math)
34Rounding to Nearest 100,000 (WIZ Math)
35Rounding to Nearest Million (WIZ Math)
36Multiplication of Two or More Digits - Illustrated
37Multiplying Several Single Digit Numbers (WIZ Math)
38Multiplying Large Factors (WIZ Math)
40Whole Numbers - Review Test

Topic 2. Decimals - Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication

1Decimal Place Value
2Decimal Vocabulary
3Decimal Place Value upto Ten-Thousandths (WIZ Math)
4Place Value with Decimals to Hundred Thousandths (WIZ Math)
5Expanded Form - Decimals
6Expanded Form - Decimal Number
7Naming Decimals
8Rounding Decimals
9Comparing Decimals
10Decimals to Fractions
11Decimals on a Number Line
12Estimating Decimal Products
13Adding Decimals
14Decimal Sums (WIZ Math)
15Decimal Differences (WIZ Math)
16Decimal Products (WIZ Math)
17Multiplying Decimals by 10
18Multiplying Decimals by 100
19Multiplying Decimals by 1000
20Decimals- Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Review Test

Topic 3. Division

1Division Vocabulary
2Divisor, Dividend, Quotient, and Remainder
3Division (Find n)
4Rules for Divisibility - Table
5Rules for Divisibility
7Division of Large Numbers - One Digit Divisor (WIZ Math)
8Division with One Digit Divisor
9Division of Large Numbers - Two Digit Divisor
10Division of Large Numbers - Two Digit Divisor (WIZ Math)
11Division of Large Numbers - Three Digit Divisor (WIZ Math)
12Dividing Very Large Numbers with Remainders (WIZ Math)
13Division with Remainder - Three Digit Divisors (WIZ Math)
14Division Review Test

Topic 4. Decimal Division

1Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers
2Dividing Decimal by a Decimal Number (WIZ Math)
3Dividing Decimal by a Decimal Number - 1 (WIZ Math)
4Dividing Decimal by a Decimal Number - 2 (WIZ Math)
5Dividing Decimal by a Decimal Number - 3 (WIZ Math)
6Dividing Whole Numbers without Remainders
7Division of a Whole Number by Whole Number (Other Than Zero)
8Dividing a Whole number by Decimal
9Writing Zeroes in the Dividend
10Dividing Decimals by 10
11Dividing Decimals by 100
12Dividing Decimals by 1000
13Rounding Decimal Quotients
14Decimal Division Word Problems
15Divisions Which are not Exact
16Basic Operations on Decimals - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division - Review
17Decimal Division Review Test

Topic 5. Fractions

1Fraction Terms
2Types of Fractions
3Fractions from 1/2 to 1/12 (WIZ Math)
4Mixed Numbers Using Pictures
5Fraction of a Collection Using Pictures
6Mixed Fractions (WIZ Math)
7Greatest Common Factors - GCF
8Equivalent Fractions
9Reducing Fractions
10Ascending and Descending Order
11Least Common Multiple - LCM
12Prime Factorization and LCM
13Least Common Denominator - LCD
14Comparing Fractions
15Comparing Fractions on a Number Line
16Adding/Subtracting Fractions With Like Denominators
17Adding/Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators
18Multiplication of Fractions
19Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers
20Division of Fractions
21Division of Fractions and Whole Numbers
22Mixed Number to Improper Fraction
23Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers
24Rounding Mixed Numbers to Nearest Whole Number
25Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
26Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Fractions with Unlike Denominators
27Equivalent Forms (Fractions and Decimals)
28Improper Fractions
29Fractions to Decimals
30Decimal to Fraction
31Fractions and Decimals
32Fractions Story Problems - 1
33Fractions Story Problems - 2
34Fractions Story Problems - 3
35Fractions and Decimals Word Problems
36More Fraction Problems
37Fractions Review
38Fractions Review Test

Topic 6. Measurement

1Measurement Facts Table
2Measurement Facts (Metric System)
3Measurement Facts (U.S. Customary System)
4Units of Length (Metric System)
5Units of Mass/Weight (Metric System)
6Units of Capacity and Volume
7Units of Time
8Changing Units in the Metric System
9US Customary Units Abbreviations
10Units of Length (US Customary System)
11Units of Capacity (US Customary System)
12Units of Mass/Weight (US Customary System)
13Measuring Length to Sixteenth of an Inch
14Convert Units of Length - Metric & US Customary System (WIZ Math)
15Convert Units of Weight - Metric & US Customary Systems (WIZ Math)
16Convert Units of Capacity - Metric and US Customary Systems (WIZ Math)
17Word Problems
18Adding and Subtracting with Different Units
19Multiplying and Dividing with Time
20Measurements Review Test

Topic 7. Plane Figures

1Measuring Angles
2Measuring Kinds of Angles
3Kinds of Triangles
4Recognizing the Type of a Triangle
6Kinds of Quadrilaterals
9Naming the Polygons
10Polygon Shapes
11Regular Polygons
14Diagonals of Polygons
15Finding the Areas/Perimeters of Shapes
17Circle Facts
18Circle Facts - 2
19Circle Problems
20Plane Figures Review Test

Topic 8. Area and Perimeter - Two Dimensional Shapes

1Areas of Figures
2Perimeters of Figures
3Perimeter, Area and Volume Facts
4Area Review
5Finding Area/Perimeter of Squares and Rectangles
6Finding the Area/Perimeter of Triangles
7Finding the Area/Perimeter of Parallelogram
8Area and Perimeter Formulas
9Finding the Areas/Perimeters of Shapes
10Areas Review Test

Topic 9. Ratio, Scale, Percent, Average, Graphs

2Ratio Word Problems
4Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Table
6Percents to Decimals
7Percents to Fractions
8Fractions to Percents
9Decimals to Percents
10Finding Percentage of a Number
11Percentage Word Problems
13Average - Word Problems
14Mean, Median, & Mode
15Points on a Grid
17Reading and Writing Graphs
18Circle Graphs
19Ratio, Scale, Percent, Average, Graphs - Review Test

Topic 10. Rectangular Prisms and Cubes

1Rectangular Prisms and Cubes
2Solids Shapes (Prisms)
3Solids Shapes (Pyramids)
4Space Figures
5Geometry - Polyhedrons

Topic 11. Volume

1Volumes of Figures
2Formula for Volume of a Rectangular Prism
3Volume and Surface Area
4Changing U.S Customary Units of Volume (WIZ Math)
5Changing Metric Units of Volume (WIZ Math)
6Volume Of Prisms
7Rectangular Prisms and Cubes; and Volumes - Review Test

Topic 12. Rates and Speed

1Rates and Speed

Topic 13. Functions and Equations

1Algebra (Find the Unknown)
2Solving for X
3Functions and Equations
4Functions and Graphs

Topic 14. Miscellaneous Topics & Review Tests

1Final Review Test
2Improving Thinking Skills -- Playing Sudoku (Beginner)