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Grammar, Punctuation, and Style
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Grammar

1Parts Of Speech Review
2Nouns as Subjects, Direct Objects, and Indirect Objects
3Subjects and Nouns
4Proper and Common Nouns
5Abstract and Concrete Nouns
6Plural Nouns
8Subjects and Verbs
9Subject-Verb Agreement
10Mind Your Subject!
11Direct Objects
12Indirect Objects
13Kinds of Verbs
14Verb Tense - Present, Past, and Future
15Principal Parts of Verbs
16Irregular Verbs
17Be - As a Helping Verb
18Be - As a Linking Verb
19Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
20Contractions with Verbs
22Kinds of Pronouns
23Pronouns as Objects
24Possessive Pronouns
25Relative and Interrogative Pronouns
26Pronouns as Subjects
27Pronouns and Direct Objects
28Pronouns and Indirect Object
29Pronoun Case (Tested in ACT)
30Pronoun Agreement (Tested in ACT)
32Comparing with Adjectives: Positive - Comparative - Superlative
33Adverbs of Time, Place, and Manner
34Comparing with Adverbs
35Adjectives and Adverbs
37More About Prepositions
39Types of Conjunctions
41Kinds of Sentences - Assertive, Imperative, Interrogative, Exclamatory
42Fragments, Run-ons, and Compound Sentences
43Subjects and Predicates
44Compound Subjects and Compound Predicates
45Dependent and Independent Clauses
46Appositives: Restrictive and Non-restrictive
47English - Grammar and Usage
48English - Sentence Structure

Topic 2. Punctuation

2Punctuation Marks
3Punctuation - Comma (,)
4Punctuation - Quotation Marks ('' '')
5Punctuation - Period (.)
6Punctuation - Exclamation (!)
7Punctuation - Question Mark (?)
8Punctuation - Apostrophe (')
9Punctuation - Semicolon (;)
10Punctuation - Colon (:)
11Punctuation - Hyphen (-), Dash ()
12Punctuation - Parentheses ( )

Topic 3. Style

1Elements of Style
2Avoiding Shifts in Sentences
3Writing Fluent Sentences
4Use Active Voice
5Put Statements in Positive Form
6Omit Needless Words: Conciseness in Writing
7More Ways to Omit Needless Words in Writing
8Avoid a Succession of Loose Sentences
9Keep Related Words Together
10Place the Emphatic Words of a Sentence at the End
11In Summaries, Keep to One Tense

Topic 4. Miscellaneous Topics & Review Tests

1Correcting Sentence Errors
2Identifying Sentence Errors - Wordiness and Redundancies
3Identifying Sentence Errors - Faulty Verb
4Identifying Sentence Errors - Faulty Parallelism
5Identifying Sentence Errors - Faulty Idioms
6Identifying Sentence Errors - Faulty Diction
7Identifying Sentence Errors - Errors In Grammar Usage
8Improving Sentences - Subject and Verb Agreement
9Improving Sentences - Punctuation
10Improving Sentences - Pronouns
11Improving Sentences - Prepositions
12Improving Sentences - Clauses
13Improving Sentences - Adverbs
14Repairing Run-on Sentences
15Grammar Placement Test