AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A7 English
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Vocabulary

1Word A Day
2Word Roots
3Word Endings and Doubling Consonants
4Common Mistakes in Word Usage - 3
5Common Mistakes in Word Usage - 2
6Common Mistakes in Word Usage - 1
7Commonly Misspelled Words - 5
8Commonly Misspelled Words - 4
9Commonly Misspelled Words - 3
10Commonly Misspelled Words - 2
11Commonly Misspelled Words
12F List
13F List - 2
14M List
15L List - 2
16J List
17I List - 2
18I List
19H List - 2
20H List
21G List - 2
22G List
23Describe the Dinosaur
24Name the Dinosaur
25cap/capit/cipit: head, headlong
26ante: before
27anthro or andr: man, human
28annu/enni: year
29apo: away/send
30clud/clus: to close
31card/cord/cour: heart
32amb: to go, to walk
33bell: war
34quis: to seek; to obtain
35crypt/cryph: hidden
36her/hes: to stick or get stuck
37anti: against, opposite
38auto: self
39circum: around
40mono: one or only
41fer: carry
42anim: life, mind, soul, spirit
43K List
44L List
45More Prefixes
46More Prefixes - 2
47Homework - Learn New Words
48Review Test - Spelling and Vocabulary - Level 7

Topic 2. Grammar

1Parts Of Speech Review
2Nouns as Subjects, Direct Objects, and Indirect Objects
3Abstract and Concrete Nouns
4Subjects and Verbs
5Principal Parts of Verbs
6Irregular Verbs
7Pronouns as Objects
8Relative and Interrogative Pronouns
9Comparing with Adjectives: Positive - Comparative - Superlative
10More About Prepositions
11Types of Conjunctions
13Kinds of Sentences - Assertive, Imperative, Interrogative, Exclamatory
14Fragments, Run-ons, and Compound Sentences
16Punctuation - Comma (,)
17Punctuation - Apostrophe (')
18Punctuation - Semicolon (;)
19Punctuation - Colon (:)
20Put Statements in Positive Form
21Omit Needless Words: Conciseness in Writing
22Avoid a Succession of Loose Sentences
23Keep Related Words Together
24Review Test - Grammar Level 7

Topic 3. Reading Comprehension

1Read and Summarize a Book
2Genres: Myths and Fables
3Reading Fiction - Strategies
4Word A Day
5Informational Reading Strategies
6The Village Blacksmith by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
7My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson
8The Duel by Eugene Field
9The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
10Plasma Lamps
11Mark Alan Webber - An Australian Formula One Driver
12Soda Water or Sparkling Water
13Alfred McCoy Tyner - A Jazz Pianist
14The Tin Soldier
15The Game of Chess
16The Peasant, The Snake, and The Fox
17The Weeping Princess
18Til Ulenspighel
19The Story of Thumbelina
20Little Red Riding Hood
21The Wolf and the Seven Kids
23The Emperor's New Clothes
24The Ruby Prince
25Review Test - Reading Comprehension Level 7

Topic 4. Writing

1Writing Process Steps
2Writing Process Steps - Doing Research
3Writing Process Steps - Revising and Editing
4Writing a Story: Using a Mind Map
5Character Is Destiny
6Geography Extremes - 2
7Read and Summarize a Book
8Countries and Capitals - 2
9Thomas Jefferson
10Theodore Roosevelt
11Franklin D. Roosevelt
13Stock Investing
14Petroleum (Oil) Industry
15Immigration to the US
16Article of the Day
17Stock Research -- Dow Jones Industrial Average Companies
18Researching Career Choices
19Writing a Five Paragraph Essay
20Types of Essays
21The Argumentative/Persuasive Essay
22Paragraph Organizer
23Writing Fluent Sentences
24Avoiding Shifts in Sentences
26Repairing Run-on Sentences
27Mini-Speech Practice
28More Great Quotations
29Catchy Openings Using Interesting Facts
30Public Speaking Template
31Outline of an Effective Speech
33Rivers in the US
34Review Test - Writing Level 7

Topic 5. Other Topics & Review Tests

1Spelling Test - 2
2Grammar Placement Test
3Writing Test
42007 AIM4A Public Speaking Contest Level 2
52008 AIM4A Public Speaking Contest Level 2
6Vocabulary Test - 2
72007 Essay Writing Contest - Level 2
82008 Essay Writing Contest - Level 2