AIM Academics & AIM4A Tutoring/Test Prep

Level A8 English
Curriculum Outline

Topic 1. Vocabulary

1Word A Day
2Homework - Learn New Words
3P List - 2
4P List
5O List - 2
6O List
7N List
8Words from Mythology - 2
9T List 2
10Q List
11R List
12R List - 2
13S List
14S List - 2
15T List
16U List
17V List
18W List
19XYZ List
20Words from Mythology
21Word Roots
22terr: earth
23mand/mend: entrust or order
24tors/tort: to twist, to wind, or to wrench
25neg: to say ‘no’
26fug: to flee or escape
27tempor: time
28jur: to swear; take an oath
29phos/phot: light
30dom: house or master
31Words and Expressions Commonly Misused - 1
32Words and Expressions Commonly Misused - 2
33Words and Expressions Commonly Misused - 3
34Words and Expressions Commonly Misused - 4
35cide: kill
36avis: bird
37peri: going around something
38rupt: break
39Greek and Latin Number Roots
40Prefixes Practice
42Greek and Latin Suffixes
43Suffixes and Parts of Speech
44Suffixes - Nouns
45Suffixes - Verbs
46Suffixes - Adjectives
47Suffixes - Adverbs
48Suffix Review Test
49Prefix and Suffix Review Test
50Spelling Rules for Adding Suffixes
51Spelling Rules for Adding Suffixes - 2
52Greek and Latin Prefixes

Topic 2. Grammar

1Parts Of Speech Review
2Subjects and Nouns
3Subject-Verb Agreement
4Mind Your Subject!
5Direct Objects
6Indirect Objects
7Be - As a Helping Verb
8Be - As a Linking Verb
9Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
10Pronouns as Subjects
11Pronouns and Direct Objects
12Pronouns and Indirect Object
13Pronoun Case (Tested in ACT)
14Pronoun Agreement (Tested in ACT)
15Adverbs of Time, Place, and Manner
16Comparing with Adverbs
17Subjects and Predicates
18Compound Subjects and Compound Predicates
19Dependent and Independent Clauses
20Appositives: Restrictive and Non-restrictive
22Punctuation - Quotation Marks ('' '')
23Punctuation - Hyphen (-), Dash (—)
24Punctuation - Parentheses ( )
25More Ways to Omit Needless Words in Writing
26Place the Emphatic Words of a Sentence at the End
27In Summaries, Keep to One Tense

Topic 3. Reading Comprehension

1Read and Summarize a Book
2Reading Fiction - Strategies
3Word A Day
4Sea-Fever by John Masefield
5The Walrus and The Carpenter by Lewis Carroll
6IF by Rudyard Kipling
7Daffodils by William Wordsworth
8The Matterhorn - A Mountain in the Alps
9Rembrandt van Rijn
10Marie Curie – Biography
11Rosa Parks Biography
12The Ransom of Red Chief
13The Daisy
14Six Able Men
16The Empress Jowka
17Beauty and the Beast
18The Seven Crows
19The Parrot Shah
20The Wise Little Girl
21Sasha, Mansor and the Storks
22Analyzing Literature: Moon-Face by Jack London
23Analyzing Literature: War by Jack London
24The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
25Review Test - Reading Comprehension Level 8

Topic 4. Writing

1Writing Process Steps
2Writing Process Steps - Doing Research
3Writing Process Steps - Revising and Editing
4Writing a Story: Using a Mind Map
5Character Is Destiny
6Memorable Speech: Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!
7Memorable Speech: The Space Shuttle ''Challenger'' Tragedy Address
8Read and Summarize a Book
9Researching Career Choices
10Ronald Reagan
11Abraham Lincoln
12Famous Philosopher -- Confucius
13Yoga and Meditation
14Healthy Eating
15The Great Depression (1929-1939)
16Global Financial Crisis of 2008
17Nano Technology
18Economic Bubbles
20Types of Essays
21Writing a Five Paragraph Essay
22The Argumentative/Persuasive Essay
23Mini-Speech Practice
24Writing From Knowledge and Experience
25Writing Prompts for Middle & High School Students
26Letters About Literature
27How to Write a Newspaper Article
28In the News
29Introduction to Rhetoric
30Means of Persuasion
31Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Applied: President Bush Addresses the Nation
32Review Test - Writing Level 8

Topic 5. Other Topics & Review Tests

1Grammar Placement Test
2Writing Test
3Vocabulary Test - 3
4Vocabulary Test - 4
5Essays for College Admissions Applications (University of Michigan)
6Essays for College Admissions Applications (MIT)